Catching up time.

So, it’s been a while since my last post. I was excited for the summer holidays but as it transpired I hardly had the kids as Billy and Ambs both took time off to be with them and when I did we were outside enjoying the sunshine. Anyway, New Year, new start. Belle and I made chocolate rice crispie cakes and  painted a canvas this week. Ambs is between jobs atm so I don’t have the routine with Belle I’m used to. Hopefully she will find a new job soon and we can get back to “normal”.


On a more adult crafting note my Stamp Club is doing an ATC swap this year. Artist Trading cards are hand made pieces of art that measure 3.5″ x 2.5″ and can only be swapped for another card. We are 11 members taking part which means each month we each have to make 11 Artist Trading Cards in the theme of the month. I started us all off by doing WINTER. I have to recommend  using a stamping platform if you want to make them all the same. I have the Crafts Too one which is probably the cheapest but they all do the same job so why pay more. Luckily I got my cards made in November as I knew if I left it late I’d be panicking by now.  I need to get started on February’s theme which is SHOWTIME.  20171130_122142

Yes, I know I’ve made 12 but I can’t do uneven numbers!  At club next week we are making Tag Books with an inspirational theme. I’ve chosen Travel related words and messages as I believe life is a journey and we must make the most of it before it ends.  This has been brought closer to home this week as we lost a dear friend to cancer. He was my husband’s best friend and sad loss to all the family. A big man with a big heart.

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