Masterboard Technique

Next month at Hailsham Stamp Club we are doing Masterboard technique. This is a quick and easy way to make feature backgrounds for several cards in one go.  Take 1 sheet of A4 white cardstock. Then blend any ink or paint  all over it, I used VersaMagic chalk pads in pastel colours. Once you are happy with the base colour take any stamps that go together and stamp randomly over the card, remember to change the direction of your stamping. Choose solid and outline stamps as well as stencils to create a balanced design. You can then chop the card up to make feature backgrounds to mount onto any size cards. I made 8 cards from 1 A4 sheet.


You can also use this technique on sheets on sticky labels, the kind you get in stationery shops, to achieve a mozaic effect. Here you colour and stamp onto the sticker sheet then just peel them off in situ and transfer onto a piece of card.



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