Crafty Catch up

I have started a couple of crafty projects with Belle but as I’m not seeing her as often they are taking a bit longer to complete. Hopefully from next week we will be back to normal and as the weather improves we will be able to get out and about. Here are three projects we’ve done together recently. The first was to paint a number puzzle. This is  from Ikea and comes as naked wood. I asked Belle to help me paint the numbers. I then finished the frame and numbers with a coat of varnish. She’s so good with her numbers now and she loves a puzzle so this one ticks two boxes.

Next Belle made her mummy a birthday card by glueing foam letters onto a card.

And lastly yesterday she made her first Easter decoration with me by glueing mixed yellow buttons onto a wooden Easter egg shape. I have put a ribbon through the top so that she can hang it up at home.

We will be making Easter cakes and decorating Easter bonnets next week so come back soon.

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