New family member.

I have kept guinea pigs for over 25 years ever since my own children were small. I still have them and now the grandkids enjoy caring for them. I acquired two piggies last year from a friend of a friend but one died from the effects of mange just before Christmas. I brought the second piggie inside during the very cold winter and started looking for a friend to join him recently. Despite the fact that you’re told not to buy piggies as there are so many unwanted ones waiting to be rescued I was unable to find any young males locally. I took the girls to Pets at Home which is a first for me but actually I found the service to be great. The manager gave me a few care tips, he didn’t need to but I humoured him, and we chose a 2 month old white and tan piggie with a black fringe. Belle has called him Toby. Jerry, our older pig has taken him under his wing so to speak and they seem to have bonded well. We get them out for a cuddle every day.

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