Happy New Year, if a little late!

Where did those two months go! I have realised that I haven’t blogged at all this year!! So I have some catching up to do. Christmas was lovely but our main focus thus far this year has been THE WEDDING of the year! My Son is getting married in Mexico next month and preparation for that has kinda taken over. More on that next time!

However, you’ll be glad to know, I have done some crafting.   Hailsham Stamp Club continues to thrive. We’ve welcomed 5 new members and one returning OG to our group. We decided to do a Bunting swap inspired by one I was part of last year in UK Stampers Forum, a Facebook group with wonderfully talented stampers.

We are making a Bunting each month in the theme of the month. By the end of the year we will each have 12 to string together depicting a whole year.

I got my granddaughters into the craft room in half term and we played with Magic Stamp. This is a 3″ x 4″ foam block which is great for creating backgrounds. You heat it with a heat tool (I did that bit), press it into something with texture and it holds the imprint. You then apply ink or paint, press onto your surface, card or fabric and there you have a beautiful textural print. The girls loved looking for textured things, they used spaghetti, rice, foil, pegs, net, feathers, lace, corrugated card, pompoms and bubble wrap to create beautiful backgrounds.

I then used some of these backgrounds with stamps to make a set of ATCs.


I have several craft projects on the go at the moment which I must get on with and will report on those soon. Please don’t forget to like and follow my blog.



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