New Name, New Outlook.

Goodness, it has been two months since I last blogged! It has been an eventful, dramatic and emotional time for me recently and while I have been doing some crafting which has helped, I haven’t been able to face blogging until now.

Mexico was everything I expected it to be and more. I’ll say no more but the subsequent family fallout has prompted me to review my position within my family and finally concentrate on prioritising the things that are important to ME.  This may mean I won’t be seeing my Granddaughters as often as I used to (hence the name change), but when I do I will still be sharing their creations here.

In the mean time I have been running Hailsham Stamp Club and keeping the club’s FB page up to date. The ladies there have been a massive support to me; to be honest some of us spend more time putting the world to rights than actually stamping!

Anyway, here are some of the projects I’ve been creating.

I will miss Club this month (for the first time in 16+ years) as we are taking my MIL away for the week to the seaside but I am leaving it capable hands and have completed all my swaps already.

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