Back to basics, clean and simple

I have been busy with various work commitments so have neglected my dear blog but the good news is I have been crafting. I love clean and simple designs. The current trend of covering everything with layers and layers of paint or ink stresses me out. Give me white space any day. These cards are all stamped in one layer and off centre. It’s easy to make a batch and leave adding the sentiment until you need a card quickly.

I have also started an Art Journal at last, something I’ve been meaning to do for a year. I am doing this in a small group from my Stamp Club. We will be supporting and encouraging each other as we go. I have started with an About Me page. The book is an A5 sketch book, the white pages are slightly heavier than a note book. I painted acrylic paint in 3 colours for the background and added some stamps and stencils in white to break it up. I stamped the text with alphabet stamps and will hand write the important bits later.

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