My Crafty Birthday

We have a tradition at Hailsham Stamp Club that we make a Birthday card for anyone with a birthday in that month. This month it was mine. Here are my beautiful hand-stamped cards from my lovely friends, they know me so well. Sunflowers and Guinea pigs are two of my favourite things.   We also… Continue reading My Crafty Birthday

Painted Hands and Plates

Belle was great yesterday, I picked her up after only two and a half hours of school and she promptly fell asleep,in the car.  When we got home she refused to change out of her uniform.  Here are some painted paper plates we did last week. I find Pinterest a  great source of ideas for… Continue reading Painted Hands and Plates

A New Chaper Begins Today

When I gave up work two years ago to care for Isabella full time we agreed that it would be until  she started school. Well that day is today. I feel both sad and excited for both of us. For her school may seem a scary place but she is bright and I know she will… Continue reading A New Chaper Begins Today

Inchies and Twinchies

At this months Hailsham Stamp Club we made cards featuring Inchies (1") and Twinchies (2") squares. This is a recurring subject for our club as they are so easy to make and assemble for a quick and easy card. I am also in an online Inchie swap so in addition I make a set of… Continue reading Inchies and Twinchies

Artist Trading Coins

I recently stumbled upon this new trend to decorate Artist Trading Coins. These are 2 1/2" circles of card which are traded in the same way as the original ATCs. I managed to find a circle die in the correct size and set to cutting circles from white card. Then inspired by the glorious weather… Continue reading Artist Trading Coins

Altered Background Paper

Our Stamp Club met last night, we are getting quite proficient at putting out and clearing away the tables and chairs, many hands and all that. The subject was "altered background papers". We all have stacks of background papers either in pads or loose sheets which we once planned to do something with. My challenge… Continue reading Altered Background Paper

Beautiful Kefallonia

I haven't done any crafting for over a week as we have been away in Kefallonia, Greece. It's our second visit to the island and it's one of our favourites. Last time we stayed in a beautiful hotel but it was halfway up a mountain and we didn't take our driving licenses so this time… Continue reading Beautiful Kefallonia

Isabella’s art

Just a quick post to share a beautiful portrait of me by Isabella age 3 3/4 years. Apparently she has captured my likeness perfectly.  We have been practicing doing handwriting too before she goes to "big" school this September. She keeps saying "when I go to big school, you won't have me anymore, will you… Continue reading Isabella’s art

Anything But Card ATC swap

This month at Hailsham Stamp Club the theme for the monthly Artist Trading Card swap was ABC - Anything But Card. This was probably the most challenging subject as we all had to think of using surfaces which are not obvious when stamping. I found some MDF ATCs online which I painted with a layer… Continue reading Anything But Card ATC swap