Out of Chaos comes Creativity

I keep meaning to sit down and write a blog post but as always life gets in the way and I get distracted by something else. I have however, been doing lots of stamping. The situation on the family fallout is static. My Son has a lot of anger which he is directing at me.… Continue reading Out of Chaos comes Creativity

New family member.

I have kept guinea pigs for over 25 years ever since my own children were small. I still have them and now the grandkids enjoy caring for them. I acquired two piggies last year from a friend of a friend but one died from the effects of mange just before Christmas. I brought the second… Continue reading New family member.

Make your own Stamps

In a way I was dreading the school holidays as the age gap between my granddaughters (8 and 3) can lead to bickering BUT I've hardly seen them due to their mum changing jobs and taking a couple of weeks off. This is why I haven't blogged for ages. We haven't had time to do… Continue reading Make your own Stamps